Detailed subscription tutorial

The example provides a step by step guide to successfully execute your subscription.
In the example we demonstrate the subscription to one series of Zouk Foundation and two series of Zouk Elements.
More info about which class to join can be found on the class structure page and in the FAQ.


  • Enter you e-mail address and wait.
  • If you already have an account on the platform because of enrolment in other dance schools, you will be able to just fill in your password.
  • If not, you get a registration form and you can fill in your details. Please make sure that your coordinates are correct because we might contact you by SMS in case of last-minute cancellation of classes and your date of birth is required for the insurance.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and press “REGISTREREN”.
  • Now click on “Overzicht”.
  • Now you select the class that you want to join. For example “Zouk Foundation 2021-2022”.
  • Now you can add all the series you want. Keep in mind that you need to add them one by one to your basket or “Winkelmandje”.
  • You scroll down and you can select the first series that you want to join.
  • Scroll down and select “KIES GEBRUIKER” and select your name.
  • Now click on “+ TOEVOEGEN AAN WINKELMAND”.
  • Select “VERDER WINKELEN” or “AFREKENEN” depending if you want to add more classes before checkout or not.
  • To add more series of a different class, click on “Overzicht” to go back to the class overview.
  • To subscribe to series of the Zouk Elements class for example, click on Zouk Elements.
  • Now you can add Series B and C one by one to your basket.
  • If you are finished with adding classes to your basket, you can click on “AREKENEN” in the pop-up window or you scroll up and click on the basket Icon.
  • On the basket or “Winkelmandje” page, you can scroll down and add applicable discount codes. You can find the public discount codes above on this page and private discount codes are send to you in person. Note: if you copy and paste discount codes, make sure to not copy a space with it or it will not work.
  • After applying the discount codes, click on “GA NAAR STAP 2”.
  •  On this page, you need to fill in all requested details. Make sure your address is correct as we need this information for your insurance.
  • Please also add a profile picture “Je profielfoto” on which you are easy recognizable. This will help us to keep our digital attendance list up to date during the classes.
  • Fill in your preferred dance role “Dansrol” for every class. Note: normally you should see one question per class you join, not per series. If this is showing incorrectly as on the picture below please subscribe and check out for each class separately multiple series (Tarieven) per class are possible. The software bug is reported and will be fixed in the future.
  • Mark “Ik wil de nieuwsbrief ontvangen.” if you want to stay informed about our events. We send maximum one email per month.
  • If you were invited and convinced by one of our regular students to subscribe to our classes, please fill in his or her name.
  • Agree with the terms and conditions and click “VOLGENDE”.
  • Select the payment method and click on “VOLTOOIEN”.
  • Please follow the information on the screen to finalize your payment.
  • You also received an email with the payment overview and information. Please check you spam folder if you did not receive an email in a few minutes.
  • If you still have a subscription credit from cancelled classes because of Covid-19 or because of our referral system, don’t pay yet! The administrator will deduct the credit from your total subscription fee and you will receive a new email with updated payment overview. You can then perform the payment with the payment information that can be found in the last email.



  • If you still experience problems to subscribe, don’t hesitate to contact us!