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Subscription guidelines below

All classes are organised on a weekly base on Sundays. Here you can find more info about the schedule and about the different classes

Keep in mind that your spot is only reserved after receiving your subscription and full payment!


  • Early bird discount of €5 till 15/09/2024!
    Use the following discount code during registration: EARLYBIRD
  • If you register for one year (2 subsequent series), you automatically get €20 discount. If you change classes after one series, your subscription will be transferred to the other class.
  • If you invite a friend to one of our free try-outs and if the person subscribes for at least one series, you get €15 discount on you next subscription.
  • You can repeat previously completed classes at half price in combination with a fully paid class. Contact us to receive the private repetition discount code by email if you didn’t receive it automatically.
  • If you are a full time student with the age under 25, send us a proof of your enrolment before subscribing to get access to the student price.
  • You can get a refund of you mutuality/health insurance (ziekenfonds) for doing a sports activity including dancing (between €10 and €30 yearly). Check the tutorial.

If you encounter issues during the subscription, don’t hesitate to contact us!

subscription guidelines

Choose the classes you want to join first. More info can be found on the class structure page and in the FAQ. If you’re not sure, contact us!


  • Go to the subscription page.
  • Click on “INLOGGEN”.
  • Create account our login with your account if you already have an account on the Ledenbeheer platform (other dance schools use the same system).
  • Add all the classes you want to your basket.
  • Add your discount codes one by one and check out.
  • If you have no subscription credit left, please pay directly.
  • You also receive an email with the payment overview and information. Please check you spam folder if you did not receive an email in a few minutes.

 Having difficulties? Click on the button below and follow the detailed subscription guidelines.