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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a dance partner to join the classes?

No, most people come and subscribe alone. In the class we will change partner unless you prefer to stay with a fixed partner.

Can I dance with my dance partner?

In general we change partner during the classes because this is the best way to develop good leading and following skills, but if you prefer it’s also perfectly fine to dance with a fixed partner.

I never danced before, can I join?

Sure! We start from zero and everybody can learn this dance. Just be patient with yourself and give yourself the time to learn.

In case some classes are going fast for you, we recommend you to redo these classes before moving to a next class. At the end you will be able to learn and enjoy more if you respect your personal challenge/comfort ratio during the classes.

What are the requirements to join the classes?

Everyone is welcome in our classes as long as you cooperate to create an enjoyable and respectful atmosphere for everyone. Therefore we warmly invite you to read our dance floor rules before joining our classes and events.

In which class should I subscribe?

If you’re new to Zouk, you should start with Zouk Foundation. More info on this page.

If you followed already classes with us you’ll find the explanation about which class to join on this page. Not sure which one to choose? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you are new to our classes, but you dance already Zouk, than please contact us to find out which class is best for you.

I'm already dancing other partner dances, which class should I join?

It’s great that you already have partner dance experience and this will likely help you to learn faster. But as Zouk is a different dance with different rhythm, steps and connection, it’s important to start with Zouk Foundation to have the right fundamentals to build further on.

What is the language of the classes

The classes are given in English but both teachers also speak Dutch and French, so don’t hesitate to communicate in your preferred language.

Where can I practice and dance Zouk?

After each class there will be 1 hour of practice. We also have a monthly dance social with workshop on Saturday evening. Furthermore, we also regularly host a Zouk room with Zouk workshops at other events. Subscribe to our newsletter (scroll down to subscribe) and follow our Facebook page to stay tuned.
Moreover there are many amazing Zouk weekend events in the surrounding countries which are really nice to join. We post more info about it in the Facebook group for our students: Zouk Classes Stijn & Léa

Should I join as a leader or a follower?

In general, most men dance as leader as regular role and most woman dance as follower as regular role. But there is no reason why this cannot be switched. Both men and woman can be leader and follower. You are also completely free to chose your dance role independent of you gender. In Zouk, most more advanced dancers will learn the other role to improve their dance technique and to enable switching roles during the dance, which is a lot of fun to do. You’ll see several of our students following the classes in the other role.

I don't know yet how long I want to stay in a certain class but I want to subscribe and benefit from the year subscription discount.

In this case we advice you to subscribe for a period of one year in the class you currently want to take and we can transfer your subscription at a later time to a different group. Transfers are only possible for a whole series (10 classes), not for single classes.

Where can I find the recorded videos of the classes?

Click on Classes / Subscription & Videos. Log in, click on your name and go to the Video zone.

Or watch the tutorial.

PS: Keep in mind that you have only access to the videos of the classes you subscribed and paid for.

How to get a refund as sports activity by my health insurance (ziekenfonds)?

Click on Classes / Subscription & Videos. Log in, click on your name, go to ‘Attesten’ in the left side menu and click on ‘BEKIJK ATTEST’. Print the certificate, add your sticker of the health insurance and send them the document to receive your refund.

Or watch the tutorial.

PS: Keep in mind that you can only download the document after your payment has been verified.

What about Covid-19?

We follow the actual Covid-19 regulations applying on sport activities. Follow the most up to date directions here.

 Update 12/09/2022:

  • Currently we have no restrictions and we will be able to switch dance partner during the classes, but you also have the choice to dance with a fixed dance partner if this is more appropriate for your personal situation.
  • Room: 400m2 big and ceiling of 11m high to allow for lots of space and fresh air.
  • Please take care of your hand hygiene.
  • Care for the others and if you feel sick or unwell please stay at home to get better. The video of the class will automatically be added to your personal account so you can practice at home.
  • In case we need to suspend the classes because of Covid-19, your subscription is paused till we can restart the classes again.

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