Dancenjoy dance floor rules

 The secrets to create a nice atmosphere

Dance & joy, this is what our activities and events are about! To create an enjoyable, relaxed and safe atmosphere for everyone we define some guidelines and rules for participants.

Let’s start by focussing on our key values:

  • Respect: Respect yourself, respect others, and respect the environment.
  • No expectations: Having no expectations is the best way to enjoy the moment, be surprised and have great moments without disappointments.
  • Acceptation: Accept yours and your partner’s path of development. Be patient with yourself and your dance partner, everyone has to learn.

On the dance floor

  • Both followers and leaders may initiate a dance.
  • It’s ok to decline an invitation to dance, just be polite.
  • You can dance as many songs as you want with one partner.
  • Both leader and follower can decide to end the dance when they feel it’s enough. It is nice to thank your partner for the dance.
  • The dancefloor is a safe zone where we can be ourselves. We can express our emotions, act foolish or be sad without owing an explanation.
  • Remember that even a magical dance or experience is just a dance. A good connection on the dancefloor does not imply a promise or connection outside the dance.
  • Everyone has their own limit in dance, respect yours (you are the only one who knows your own boundaries) and those of your dance partner.
  • The dancefloor is a place with a lot of freedom, but remember, your freedom ends where you start restricting someone else’s freedom.
  • Going to dance fresh and clean is nice for everyone.
  • If you feel something makes you uncomfortable or if you notice disrespectful behaviour, we advise you to express your feeling politely to the person involved. If this is too difficult for you don’t hesitate to speak or write us! A safe environment is key.

In the venue

  • Toilets are found on the ground floor by following the signs. Please keep them clean.
  • Entrance to the rest of the building on the ground floor is not authorised.
  • Take care of your belongings, the organisation is not responsible for any loss or damage.
  • The organisation is not responsible for injuries of any kind as a consequence of your stay.
  • Consumption of alcohol, smoking or the use of drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • Disrespectful behaviour can result in direct and permanent exclusion from this and future events without prior warning.

We thank you for respecting these guidelines and rules and for creating an enjoyable environment for everyone!

And don’t forget the recipe: respect, no expectations, patience! 😉

We wish you an amazing dance experience at our events!