Class structure

 Everything you wanted to know about the different classes

Personal learning experience

At Dancenjoy we don’t like to talk about class levels and prefer to focus on the individual learning experience of every dancer. Defining the ‘level’ of a dancer is not fully objective and not always the best motivation to join a certain class. Therefore we created a set of classes with specific goals in the learning process to support your personal development as a Zouk dancer at any moment. You join the class that provides you the best input to further develop, but actually you’ll realize that with the right mindset you’ll be able to improve your dance in all classes independent of your dancing ‘level’.
Depending on your personal journey, it can be advantageous to stay longer than the minimum required period in a certain level, to follow several levels in parallel or to redo previous classes to refresh, improve and polish previous learned elements and techniques to continue growing as a dancer.


Concept of the classes

The Zouk class structure triangle illustrates the structure of the classes. No strong building without a good foundation, therefore you’ll learn the Zouk foundations in the first classes. Afterwards we continue building by adding the main Zouk Elements. Once you know the elements, we start diving deeper in the techniques behind to provide you with the tools to become more creative in your dance. And finally, after constructing or solid triangle, we can put the last stone and learn how to create as much as possible freedom in our dance while still maintaining a great connection with our partner.


How to choose your class(es)?

If you’re new to Brazilian Zouk, you start with Zouk Foundation (also if you have already other dance experience). Afterwards, we only provide recommendations about the minimum duration you should join each class to get all content that you will need further on the road. But, there is no maximum time limit for joining a certain class. For most people it will take longer than the minimum time to really integrate the content in your body. And If you move fast, you’ll probably realize later that you should get back to earlier basic techniques to further improve your dancing.
To encourage you to keep practising and improving what you’ve learned before, you’ll have the possibility to add previously completed classes to your curriculum at half price. This is valid for as many classes you want to add and independent of your dance role. But keep in mind, regular full paying students have priority in case of imbalance or a full group. By paying full price for any class you retain the regular subscription time based priority to join the class.
After mastering most techniques in one role, we highly encourage you to start learning the other role. Even if it’s only for one series. A new world will open for you and this will help you to better understand the concept of lead and follow. Therefore it will make you better in your regular dancing role as well. Furthermore, it will give you the tools to switch lead and follow in the dance and co-create a dance with your partner.
If you’re not sure which class(es) you should join, check if you find your answer in the FAQ and if you did not find the answer to your question please contact us.


Zouk classes structure overview

Zouk Foundation – 1 series of 10 classes

What? In this series you will learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Zouk. We will cover the rhythm of the dance, the basic steps, the technique behind the Zouk connection and the fundamental movements of the dance. With these foundations you have the tools to create your own dance and you are ready to further discover the beauty of Zouk. We encourage you to join the practices and socials from the beginning to enjoy more and accelerate your learning.

For who? Good fundamentals are the essence of a solid development, therefore this level is for everyone new to Brazilian Zouk and for Zouk dancers aiming to improve their dance by refining and reinforcing their basics. Also if you have experience in other partner dances, you don’t want to miss this class.

Duration? This series consists of 10 classes and will be repeated 3 times a year. This means that there are three moments a year to start learning Brazilian Zouk (September, January and April). You should join this series at least one time, but the more experienced dancers will confirm that repeating this class more than once (possibly in combination with other classes) is necessary to develop good basics.


Zouk Elements – 3 series of 10 classes

What? In this series you will learn all basic elements or building blocks used in Brazilian Zouk. We will explore more aspects of the steps, the different turns, lower and upper body movements, the typical Zouk connection, the flow of Zouk and the lead-follow techniques.

For who? After at least following one series of Zouk Foundation and being comfortable with the basics, you can join this class.

Duration? This level consists of 3 series of 10 classes. You can enter this class at the start of each series (A, B or C) and you join for at least 3 subsequent series. So it does not matter if you start with A, B or C. Dependent on you dance background it’s possibly advantageous to repeat this level to integrate everything and to be comfortable with all movements and techniques.


Zouk Technique – 3 series of 10 classes

What? In this series we will build on what you learned in the previous series. We will dive into the techniques and details behind the Zouk elements you’ve learned. This will help you to better understand the functioning of each movement, which will provide you with the tools to start creating and combining yourself during the dance.

For who? You can join this class after having followed Zouk Elements series A, B and C and being comfortable with the learned content.

Duration? This level consists of 3 series of 10 classes. You can enter this class at the start of each series (A, B or C) and you join for at least 3 subsequent series. So it does not matter if you start with A, B or C. In general it will take longer than one year to embody all techniques that you will learn in this level. Therefore we advise to join this level till as long as necessary for you, possibly in combination with one or more other levels.


Zouk Creation – 3 series of 10 classes

What? Once you mastered the Zouk Elements and learned the Techniques behind, you will learn how to create more challenging movements and combinations. The goal of this class is not to teach you long choreographed combination, but to provide you with inspiration, ingredients and methods to help you creating your own dance. We will also work on musicality in the dance and bring dance communication with your partner to the next level.

For who? You combine the building blocks learned in the Elements group in a fluid way in your dance, you are comfortable with the techniques that your learned in the Technique group and you are eager to start creating more during your dance. It’s important that the Zouk techniques are sufficiently integrated in your body to benefit from and join this group. There is no fixed moment when to join this level. Discuss it with your teachers when you feel ready for it.
To get the most from these classes, they need to be combined with the repetition of Zouk Technique. We also highly recommend to start learning the other role to improve your understanding of the dance.

Duration? There are 3 series of 10 classes per year but every year we will add new content so you can continue learning in this class as long as you want.


Zouk Freedom – 3 series of 10 classes

What? After having mastered all elements of Zouk, the techniques behind and being able to create your own creative dance you can take the next step to create more freedom in your dance. While in Zouk Creation, we mostly combine different sub-movements and techniques, in Zouk Freedom we will experience that with the right technique and connection everything becomes possible. There will be a lot of room for experimentation and breaking free from what you’ve learned before and for mixing with other styles. You become one with your partner and the music, create the feeling of freedom in dance, play with musicality without thinking and add a new definition to the word being “Zouk-high”.

For who? For this class you need sufficient Zouk experience (by classes, parties and/or congresses). You can join this level after invitation by the teachers. You minimally followed every series of Zouk Foundation, Elements, Technique and Creation in your regular dance role and you should also have followed at least the Zouk Foundation classes in the other role. We also adapt the class content to the needs of the students.

Duration? There are 3 series of 10 classes per year but every year we will add new content so you can continue learning in this class as long as you want.