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Dance & Joy

At Dancenjoy it’s all about dance & joy. We aim to create a comfortable, relaxed and respectful atmosphere enabling you to connect with yourself and the others. We see dance as a great medium to bring joy to our lives and to create unforgettable connections between people unrelated to their age, background or gender. No matter if you are joining classes, a workshop or a dance social, we’ll try to transfer the joy of dance to you. Join one of our events and discover it for yourself!

Everyone is welcome at our events as long as you cooperate to create this respectful atmosphere. You don’t need a dance parter or dance experience to start dancing at Dancenjoy. We warmly invite you to read our dance floor rules before joining our events.

 At Dancenjoy, we mainly teach Zouk because this dance provides so much possibilities to create wonderful connections and memorable dances.

Meet Our teachers


Stijn was born in Belgium and discovered the joy of partner dancing in 2013. In the period from 2013 till 2016, he danced intensively Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Salsa and Bachata Sensual. In his eagerness to discover and learn new styles he also tasted Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country Swing, Blues and Blues Fusion.


Léa was born in France where she started dancing modern jazz at the age of 7. Before the age of 18 she also added hip-hop and some ballet to her curriculum. But her true passion at that age she found in gymnastics, which she practiced between the age of 12 and 18. In that period, she was also competing at national level in France. After moving to Belgium in 2012 she started exploring couple dances. In the period till 2016, she learned and danced Rock ‘n’ Roll, Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.


In 2016, Stijn & Léa met on the dance floor and discovered Brazilian Zouk together. Brazilian Zouk is a modern partner dance with lots of room for improvisation, which you can dance on almost any music. This versatile partner dance is characterized by the smooth movements of the body, the big variety of music, the strong connection between both partners and the music and the focus on joy regardless of your experience.

Brazilian Zouk combined everything they were looking for in partner dance and they fell in love directly. They started travelling to learn and practice this dance and participated in more than 30 international events during the past years. They also followed multiple intensive (teacher) trainings and learned from the best professional Zouk dancers at this moment

In 2017, Stijn & Léa started teaching and building a Zouk dance scene in Ghent. The success of the growing Zouk scene in Ghent and the appreciation of their students motivates them to continue growing and improving as a dancer and to carry on spreading their contagious love for this dance.

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