What is Zouk?

Discover the magic

Brazilian Zouk is a modern and versatile couple dance characterized by smooth body movements. There is plenty of room for improvisation and you can dance it on almost all music. Zouk is a social dance, this means that we don’t need a fixed dance partner and we can dance with everyone during the classes or socials. In Zouk we don’t teach long sequences but we learn the techniques behind the movements (read more about our approach). With these techniques you can create a comfortable and smooth connection with your dance parter which enables you to construct your own creative dance. Dancing Zouk feels like talking through movements inspired by the rhythm and emotions of the music.

In the dance, we prioritize the feeling over the looks to create a strong connection with ourselves, our dance partner and the music. By creating a comfortable and trustful connection, we can relax and surrender to the dance.
When all ingredients are there, dancing Zouk can make you feel like flying over clouds.

Once experienced, you’ll understand what being “Zouk high” means.
You want to experience the magic? Join one of our try-outs or socials!

In the meantime get inspired by taking a look at our Zouk video’s on Facebook.